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Since our establishment in 1938 as a specialty manufacturer of auto-gears, our advanced technologies have pushed us to expanded our business as an assembly manufacturer.

After more than half century, our products are widely used in industrial infrastructure, starting with the precision gears inserted into various industrial machinery, to jack lifting devices used in IT-related production facilities, liquid crystal panels and steel, and valve actuators used in power plants and water and sewage, receiving high appraisal from domestic and global markets.

We aim to continue improving our special technology together with innovating our production process, providing our customers with better service and products, and contributing to society while caring for the environment.
In doing so, we would like to ask for your continued support.

Haruo Terada, President


We become the bridge that lead people to a better future.


Think and act on our own initiative.

Provide the best in class quality.

Create social value.

Corporate Overview

Company Nippon Gear Co., Ltd.
Location Headquarters
7 Kiriharacho, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 252-0811, Japan

Sales Headquarter
9F, 1-11-11 Kitasaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 220-0004, Japan
TEL : +81-45-326-2065  FAX : +81-45-320-5961
Establishment December 5, 1938
Capital 1,388,800,000 yen
Sales 7,393,870,000 yen (as of end of March FY 2019)
Description of Business Designing, manufacturing and sales of valve actuators
Designing, manufacturing and sales of reduction gears, mixers, and jacks
Designing, manufacturing and sales of gears
Designing, manufacturing and sales of measuring instruments, data transmission instruments, control equipments, and software
Installation, maintenance, and inspection of valve actuators, reduction gears, mixers, measuring instruments, data transmission instruments, and control equipments
Designing, supervision and operation of machinery, equipment, and facility work and electrical contracting work
Other business related to the above
Listing First section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Ticker: 6356)
Number of employees 429 (as of end of March FY 2019)
ISO Certification Quality Management System ISO9001: 2015
Registration number: 00013340 (First registration in 1995)
Environmental Management System ISO14001: 2015
Registration number: YKA 4003824 (First registration in 2007)
Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Bank
Mizuho Bank
Yokohama Bank
Shizuoka Bank
Management Haruo Terada, President
Hideki Hayashi, Director and Administrative Manager
Atsushi Nakayama, Director
Akihisa Kagawa, Director (unaffiliated)
Yoshihito Murayama, Director (unaffiliated)
Koichi Masuda, Director (unaffiliated)
Eeizo Hayashi, Fulltime Auditor
Isao Sugiyama, Auditor (unaffiliated)
Yoshiyuki Mita, Auditor (unaffiliated)