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Environmental Policy

Fundamental Philosophy

The fundamental soul of our company lies with the respect for the global environment and people, and through all of our corporate activities related to the manufacturing of gears and gear drives, we aim to protect and improve to create an environment safe for everyone.

Fundamental Policy

  1. We will adhere to the legal regulations, customer demands, and other requirements, as well as be considerate to the effects on the environment that our manufacturing may have, and will continuously aim to improve the prevention of pollution and conservation of the environment.
  2. With regards to the conservation of the environment, we feel that generation control is key; we will aim to reduce substances subject to regulations, conserve energy and resources to reduce waste, and will set specific targets and follow up periodically.
  3. We will raise the awareness of each of our employees regarding the conservation of the environment, and will reinforce self-management by each workplace.
  4. We will act with awareness as a member of the local community, and will work to live together with society.
  5. We will disseminate and open the environmental policy to all employees.