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High Level of Function Maintenance Structure of Products
Our products are somtimes used in extremely tough environments. The safely run facilities like plants, the original quality, precision, and function of products need to be maintained over a long period. To ensure the operating efficienty and guarantee trust and safety, Nippon Gear offers a maintenance service to all of Japan. Our maintenance staff hold high levels of maintenance technology, and have experiences in the electric, oil, chemical, gas, and water and sewage system facilities.

Maintenance of Valve Actuators

In addition to usage conditions and environmental conditions, valve actuators have aging degradations of electric equipments, shafts, oil, and seal materials. To maintain normal operation, it requires regular inspections and maintenance.

Types of Maintenances

A Level Maintenance
An annual inspection done on site with the valve actuator attached to the valve. We will inspect/clean the wiring/electric parts, check for any looseness or damage, inspect oils, and do a test run.
B Level Maintenance
An inspection done once in every 3–5 years on site with the valve actuator attached to the valve. This inspection will remove the motor for a gear inspection and run functional inspections of the limit switch, torque switch, and other electric parts.
C Level Maintenance
We will remove the valve actuator and bring it to our factory. It is an inspection done once in every 7–10 years with a complete overhaul of the gears, cleaning and changing the parts and oil. After the overhaul we will do a test run and re-paint. It will be re-installed on site.
·About the test run
There are many merits of maintenance by the manufacturer, with one of them being the test run. By conducting thorough overhaul in our own factory and running load characteristic tests and test runs, we will return the parts in perfect condition.

Valve Actuator Detection Equipment

  • mainte_mac
    The MAC detection is a state-of-the-art motor-operated detection service developed by Nippon Gear.
    It enables direct repair rather than taking apart the whole valve.

    See details

  • mainte_sam
    See here for details on the SAM Stem Nut Abrasion Auto Measurement System that measures the wear of stem nut ridges used in motor-operated actuators automatically, and accumulate measurement data.

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  • mainte_movdas
    The detection equipment during motor-operation MOVDAS is a motor-operated valve detection device that has merged state-of-the-art sensor technology and computer technology. As it can detect every part, it is good for a total trend management of motor-operated valves.

    See details

Maintenance of Gear Drive

Nippon Gear's gear drives have a sophisticated mechanism.
We offer a maintenance service that is fast and accurate, using our best technology.