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BA Series


The BA series is a bevel gear type valve actuator that can be attached to gate and round valves that receive thrusts for easy manual switch control. With an adaptor, it could be attached to existing valves.
It has a compact design with a built-in thrust pairing.
The cost-effective BA series has sold over a few hundred thousand units, being used in water and sewage systems, water gates and power plants.


  • It has a sealed structure and is ready for immediate use with hyper pressure grease inside.
  • Round shaft bearing is used for all bearings and is over 90% effective.
  • With a hammer blow function, it is easy to close the valve (no lost motion for BA-4)
  • The stem nut is an involute / spline double feature, and can be easily taken apart for screw processing.
  • The opening meter and display limit switch can be easily attached.
  • By attaching either a SMB, JMB, or L120 series actuator using a standard adaptor in place of the manual handle, it could easily be made electric.
  • We offer accessories like hand wheels, stem covers, and stem plugs.
  • There also is an orthogonal two shaft type to match a wide range of systems.

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