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Introduction of Electric Equipment

Specific Motor (characteristic of electric valve motor: maximum torque at start / low inertia)

Standard motor Size: #2–#350
E/B type standard Option: Brake, insulation type (F/H)
Nuclear power motors
(for inside reactor containment)
Size: Same as standard motor H type Radiation Proof
Direct current motor Size: #2–#200
B type standard Option: Brake, insulation type (F/H)
Water gate alternating current electric motor (versatile) Size: 0.2–37kW E/B type standard Option: Brake, cooling fan, insulation type (F/H)
Single phase alternating current electric motor 0.2, 0.4, 0.5kW F type Built-in condensor (AC100V / 200V)
Air motor 2R–10R
(11–103Nm @0.5MPa)
Operating air pressure 0.3–0.6 MPa
Tandem type motor Standard and air motors (for emergencies) combined
Oil pressure motor 0.5–150Nm Rating Pressure 9.8–13.7MPa

[New Product] Small single phase motor

The condenser is built in the motor to make easier use for outdoor type single phase motors.
Subject actuators are the small types — JMB-04M1, -03M1, SMB-000.

  • Standard Motor
  • Motor for Water Gates (with brake)

Torque Switch

[Self purification type for contact points]
Standard rotary type 1a, 1b tangent points / 2b tangent point  
Standard open type 1b tangent point  
Snap action rotary type 1a, 1b tangent points Differentiate ON/OFF at contact points to prevent chattering
Micro switch type 1C tangent point Differentiate ON/OFF at contact points to prevent chattering
  • Standard Rotary Type Torque Switch
  • Standard Open Type Torque Switch
  • Snap Action Rotary Type Torque Switch

Limit Switch

[Self purification type for contact points]
2-line standard (2 rotors, 4 contacts) 2TR
4-line standard (4 rotors, 4 contacts) 4TR
6-line type (6 rotors, 4 contacts) 6TR *Installation should be discussed each time
Vibration proof type 2TR, 4TR
Easy adjustment type 2TR, 4TR
  • 2-line Standard Limit Switch
  • Easy Adjustment Type
    Limit Switch

Opening Transmitter

Winding type potentiometer CP-5S, CP-6 All-purpose winding type
Insulation oil winding potentiometer OCP-6 Environment-proof type
Conductive type potentiometer CPP-45B Long-lasting, for control
RC encoder(multi-rotation type absolute) RC12, RC14 Non-contact (digital)
* Can be combined with G-Link field unit or G scalers
  • Winding Type CP-6
  • Insulation Oil Winding Type OCP-6
  • RC Encoder
    (Multi-Rotation Type)
  • Non-contact Type CP-45H
    (Power DC5V / Output DC5V)

Opening Converter

R/I converter Built-in power type VPT2 4–20mA output
R/I converter External power type RCC420 2-line style 4–20mA output
Lightening protection for converters (for 4–20mA) MDP-24-1  
  • VPT2 Type, VPTX Type
  • RCC420 Type Converter
  • Lightening Protection
    for Converters


Specific positioner (analog) MJ70
Digital controller G scaler
  1. Combination with RC encoder
  2. Maximum of 15 position limit connection points (electric limit switch)
  • Positioner MJ70
  • Multi-purpose Controller
  • Digital Controller
    (to be placed on control panel)

Plug-in Connector

Standard all-purpose connector VGC type
All-purpose connector VA type
All-purpose connector ZBC type
Large connector BC II type
Explosion proof connector XPC type
Connector for nuclear power NZD type (outside reactor)
Connector for nuclear power NTG type (inside reactor)
Large connector for nuclear power BCT type (outside reactor)
  • VA Type
  • ZBC Type, NZD Type
  • BC II Type, BCT Type
  • XPC Type (explosion proof)
  • NTG Type

Switch Station

3 switch - 3 lamp (can be used with surge proof LED lamps) BLS-3
[SW type series](Common example) (13 types of combinations of lamps and switches)
3 switch - 2 lamp - 1 selector switch SW-323
3 switch - 3 lamp SW-330
  • BLS-3
  • SW-323

Remote Control Module

TWC field unit (Two-Wire-Control)
G-LINK field unit (network communication)
  • TWC Field Unit
  • 1:1 connection
    (metal wire of 2 cores)
  • TWC Central Unit
    (to be placed in control room)
  • G-LINK Field Unit
  • n:1 loop connection
    (metal cable/light fiber)
  • G-LINK Master Station
    (to be placed in control room)

Other / Technology material