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HB Series


The HB series is a worm reduction gear for 90-degree rotations (or less) designed to be attached to butterfly valves and plug valves.


  • Can be remotely operated when used with electric and air type Limitorque SMB, JMB, and L120 series, and could also be manually operated with a handle. We offer spur gear attachments to reduce manual operation power and bevel gear attachments to change the direction of the input axis by 90 degrees.
  • Special steel is used for the worm, and bronze with high tensile strength is used for the worm gear. It is very sturdy for its size.
    Also, we have enhanced the accuracy of the gear and minimized the backlash.
  • A double-sleeve is used to combine with the valve, so it could be detached from the key position of the valve stem freely.
  • A durable and adjustable stop screw is used for the stopper in all sizes.
  • We offer 11 types for each output torque.

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