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Valve Actuator · Limitorque

Highly Functional Valve Actuators Used Globally
The valve actuator/Limitorque are produced domestically under a technological tie-up with a U.S. company Flowserve. With over 70 years of tradition and achievements since the first production, they are highly valued and trusted by our customers.
Our valve actuators have low inertia torque motors for switching on/off the valve, and highly accurate limit switches for detecting positions. They support the power, water and sewage, oil, gas, chemical and steel industrial bases.
We also have our original rotary torque switch to endure usage in severe conditions in Japan, and enhanced products like the high impact torque switch, and the vibration resistant limit switch.
Other than alternating current electric motors, they could be applied to direct current motors and air motors, with a variety of options like water, heat, and sulfur resistance specifications.

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