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Option Specification

Water-Proof Type Actuator (flood-proof type)

  1. Applied unit: SMB, JMB
  2. Water-proof function: Within 10m under water, for 72 hours
  3. Cautionary points
  1. It is important to pull in the electric wire against the water-proof type actuator.
    If the electric wire is not pulled in all the way, water could get in through the wire port and short the electric parts inside.
  2. There is no need to do a full inspection for every flood that happens few times a year, but we suggest an annual inspection.
  3. For sea water, there is a need for a salt water countermeasure.

Sulfide-Proof Type Actuator (for geothermal power plants)

  1. The sulfide-proof type actuator is mainly applied to actuators for geothermal power plants.
  2. The treatment of this type will vary depending on the environment to be placed in, so please contact us beforehand.
  3. If the sulfurized gas is light or nitrogen gas is to be injected at time of installation or inspection, the treatment of the actuator will be reduced.

Heat Resistant Actuator

  1. In case of fires, the actuator could still electrically operated within the provided time.
  2. Applied unit: SMB
  3. Heat resistant capacity (result of fire test)
  1. Temperature 1200–1400 degrees
  2. Can operated for 15 minutes after start of fire

Heat resistant test

Freeze Resistant Specifications

We offer 2 grades of freeze resistance types according to the surrounding temperature.

  1. Freeze resistant type 1: From -20 degrees to -40 degrees
  2. Freeze resistant type 2: From -40 degrees to -60 degrees

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