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W Series


The W type valve actuator is a rotating worm gear type reduction gear.
It is used as the control for ascending/descending stem valves and gates that require thrust motions for control.


  • Due to the worm gear's auto closing function, the valve stem can be maintained without rotation from the load side.
    (in parts of the reduction gear ratio it does not have the auto closing function)
  • With a hammer blow function, it is easy to control the valve.
  • The output part has a double structure so it is easy to detach the valve stem and stem nut.
  • It has a sealed structure and is ready for immediate use with hyper pressure grease inside.
  • The opening meter and display limit switch can be easily attached.
  • The flange to attach the valve is the same as the electric actuator SMB type.
  • Can be used with electric type actuators like the SMB, JMB, and L120 series.
  • There also is a two-shaft type to match a wide range of systems.
  • There are 5 types of sizes for each output torque.

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