Repair and maintenance




Replacing a part of an existing manual valve changes it into an electric type easily.

Because electric-operated valves can close the valve automatically, safely, and securely on command from a remote control room, they are increasingly used as emergency shutoff valves in oil plant facilities in recent years.
Nippon Gear responsibly supports customers in the steps from selection to installation of an appropriate actuator for electric-operated valves, which are important in changing manual valves into the electric type.

Selection of electric actuators

We will ask for the following information in advance:
Information on an existing valve
1. Manufacturer, catalog number, and manufacturing number of the valve
2. Type, size, and stroke of the valve
3. Distinction between interior thread and exterior thread
4. Valve stem, diameter, pitch, lead, and twist direction
5. Desired switching time
6. Type and pressure of fluid
7. Power source and voltage cycle
8. Highest ambient and fluid temperatures
9. Measurable mounting dimensions
10. Desired operation method
Select an actuator based on this information.
Confirmation of external cable laying method
Confirmation of internal wire connection

Type of electric actuator

Basic type actuator
・SMB series
・L120 series
Integral-type actuator
・SMB series
Air-driven type actuator
・Air motor
Explosion-proof structure

An example of a change into an electric type

We can cope with different shaped valves. Please contact us for details.