Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

With the recognition that the protection of personal information is the important responsibility of the Company, the Company endeavors to properly process personal information as follows.

  1. The Company will acquire and use personal information for the sake of the smooth implementation of business. The Company will acquire such information by lawful and fair means.
    Unless otherwise provided under the applicable law, the Company will use personal information only for the purposes of use as announced or made publicly accessible, or for the purposes of use as obvious from the circumstances of the acquisition. In the event the Company attempts to use any personal information beyond the scope of the specified purposes, the Company will obtain the prior consent of the information owner.
    For the Company’s purposes of using personal information, please refer to the “Use Purposes of Personal Information.”
  2. The Company shall securely and properly process personal information in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and all other relevant laws. The Company will also endeavor to suitably improve its processing.
  3. The Company will endeavor to implement proper security measures in order to prevent any unauthorized access to personal data from the outside, as well as any leakage, loss, modification, or otherwise of personal data.
  4. The Company will not provide any third party with personal data unless such provision is approved by the information owner in advance, authorized under the applicable law, or made for the purpose of the Company’s engagement of any services provided by service providers.
  5. If in connection with any personal data as possessed by the Company, the information owner requests to have his/her personal information disclosed, corrected, no longer put to use, or otherwise, the Company will disclose, correct, or suspend the use of such personal data, or otherwise respond to such request within a reasonable time to the extent reasonable upon the Company’s confirmation of the identity of such requester as the information owner. Please note and acknowledge, however, that if such personal data is suspended from use or deleted, the information owner may be no longer entitled to enjoy the desired services or whatsoever. The Company may not comply with any request for suspension of use or deletion if such request pertains to any information possessed by the Company as required under the relevant law.

Use Purposes of Personal Information

The Company will acquire personal information as required for its implementation of the business and will use such personal information for the following purposes.

  1. Personal Information of Customers
    (1) Manufacture, sales, delivery, installation, repair, inspection, and after-sales services of any product
    (2) Development and improvement of any product or service
    (3) Communication or PR for any product or service (including any new product or service)
    (4) Response to any inquiry about any product
    (5) Questionnaire survey for any product
    (6) Any other services related to any one of the foregoing
    *“Product” means the gears, accelerators/decelerators, mixers, jacks, valve actuators, measuring instruments, data communication devices, controllers, and all other products related thereto.
  2. Personal Information of Shareholders
    (1) Exercise of any right or performance of any duty pursuant to the Companies Act
    (2) Provision of a variety of benefits associated with the status as a shareholder
    (3) Various measures to facilitate the relationship between the shareholders and the company
    (4) Preparation of shareholder data as required under the applicable law and any other management of shareholders
  3. Personal Information of Business Partners or Other Companies and Government Officials
    (1) Communication, reports, and inquiries as required for the business
    (2) Transaction for purchasing any product or otherwise
  4. Personal Information of Recruitment Applicant
    (1) Communication to recruitment applicants
    (2) Management of recruitment applicants
  5. Personal Information of Employees
    (1) Performance and management of various processes as required under internal rules or whatsoever
    (2) Payment of salaries and provision of welfare benefits
    (3) Performance of any duty as imposed under any labor law and other relevant law
    (4) Any communication as required for the business

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