Valve actuator

🆕LSB series

The world’s latest state-of-the-art mechanical actuator.


Nippon Gear, officially release LSB our newest series electric actuator with compact and light body.
In addition to its robust, highly accurate structure and full complement of control mechanism, its design for excellent maintainability ensures stable operation over a long period of time.
To meet demands from the market across a wide range of fields, we offer a variety of protection features, including a wide range of gear ratios, water-resistant design, explosion-proof design, and integral control specifications.
Standard IP68 Specification. *Designed to withstand submersion in case of accidents (submersion for 72 hours, water head of 10 meters).


  • – Applicable for the thermal/Hydro power plant, water and sewage treatment facility, Oil & Gas industry, chemical, marine, paper mill industries, etc.
  • – Connectable for multi-turn type valves (Gate, Globe, through gate, sluice gate, etc.) directly.
  • – Combinable with a part-turn type actuator by connecting with a part-turn type valve (butterfly valve, plug valve, damper, etc.)


  • Small and Light

    ・Top-class compact model of mechanical actuators.
    ・Can be installed in small spaces.

  • Overwhelming Tolerance for Torque

    ・Achieving world-class tolerance for torque compared to its small body.

  • Elevated maintenance accessibility

    ・Significantly simplified the structure to enhance maintainability.
    ・Settings made easier by adopting new torque switches and geared limit switches.

  • Newly designed High-Performance Torque Switch

    ・Capable of setting the operating point across the entire torque range for both opening and closing directions. Ensures reliable protection of the valve from overload.
    ・Implemented a high-precision reverse switch structure to address concerns of wear and tear.

  • Highly durable gear

    ・The worm gear and worm are made of aluminum bronze and chrome molybdenum steel.
    ・Optimal materials for each gear are chosen based on the load, and high-pressure grease is filled inside the sealed gear case.

  • Newly designed High-Precision Geared Limit Switch

    ・Adopts the snap action of a micro switch to prevent contact welding and enhance reliability.
    ・Allows setting the operating point at any position across the entire stroke.
    ・The switch rotor operates reliably with a metal intermittent gear, ensuring that the set position remains unchanged.


Unit Size LSB-1 LSB-3 LSB-5
Mechanical Spec. Torque rating (N・m) 170 550 1000
Thrust rating (k・N) 50 130 160
Min/Max. stem capacity (mm) Thread connection 40 60 75
Key connection 30 45 60
Output speed (min-1) 60Hz 22~229 22~229 22~229
50Hz 18~193 18~193 18~193
Attachable actuator (Secondary reduction gearbox) BGA-type, CWG-type, HB-type
Torque switch 1a1b contact (open/close)
Limit switch 4R-4C type (2a2b)
Electric/ Modulating control Body Heater Standard
Motor Size (kw) 0.2/0.4/0.75 0.75/1.5 2.2/5.5
Standard Power Supply 60Hz AC200/220/400/440V
50Hz AC200/220/400/440V
Insulation type F class
Rating 15min (duty)
Push button lamp station Option
Position transmitter, R/I converter
Electromagnetic switch
Modulating control
Enclosure IP grade IP68
Ambient Temperature -20℃~+70℃
Explosion proof IECEx (Exd II CT4 (Hydrogen) / TIIS (Japan) / KOSHA(Korea) / ITRI(Taiwan)
Weight kg (without options) 31 59 110

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