ISO Certifications obtained



Our products, including not only precise gears built for different types of industrial machines but also valve actuators and speed-up gears used in power plants, water supply and sewerage systems, and petroleum plants, and jack worm elevation systems used in production equipment for iron, steel, and IT-related industries, are widely used in the industrial infrastructure and highly evaluated in the domestic and foreign markets.

To demonstrate our competence to manufacture products that consistently meet customer expectations, our attitude is to pursue quality and competence to provide products and services that satisfy customers, and our headquarters and branches were certified under ISO 9001, which is the international management standard stipulated by International Organization for Standardization (ISO), in March 1995.

We work to become a company that provides the best quality and is trusted by customers by maintaining certification under the standard.

Registration numberISO9001-00013340
Registration certificate identification number10171579
Scope of registrationDesign and manufacture of valve actuators, gear devices, mixers, and control devices, as well as manufacture of gears Repair of valve actuators, gear devices, mixers, and control devices
Registered organizationsMain Plant, Yokohama Branch, Osaka Branch, Construction Division, Fujisawa Office, Sapporo Office, Keihin Office, Sendai Office, Fukushima Service Center, Chiba Office, Kashiwazaki Office, Nagoya Office, Kanazawa Office, Osaka Office, Wakasa Office, Hiroshima Office and Fukuoka Office


Nippon Gear strives to preserve and improve the environment where people can live securely through all our corporate activities related to the production of gears and gear devices to which such gears are applied.

As part of the activity, in February 2007, we acquired ISO 14001 certification, which is an environmental management standard established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Although corporate activities keep changing, we will prevent contamination and continuously improve on environmental preservation activities in consideration of the influence on the environment as we continue the activities to enhance each employee’s awareness of environmental conservation.

Registration numberYKA 4003824
Registration certificate identification number10168733
Scope of registrationDesign and manufacturing of valve actuators, gears, gear devices, mixers, and control devices
Repair of valve actuators, gear devices, mixers, and control devices
Registered organizationsHeadquarters plant