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G scaler


This product can be connected to an absolute encoder to show the position signal using an optional scale value, and the signal can be output as digital and analog outputs. In addition, it also has an electric limit switch (contact) that operates in a position that is preset optionally.


  • – Applicable to a wide range of encoders.
  • – Compatible with 8-bit to 16-bit encoders, encoders based on various types of codes (gray binary, pure binary, and BCD), and encoders with various types of power supplies (12, 24, and 5 V DC).
  • – A wide variety of output types are available.
    1. Type 1: BCD signal output type of four digits
    2. Type 2: BCD signal output type of four digits + Position limit of five points + Alarm of one point
    3. Type 3: Position limit output of fifteen points + Alarm of one point
    4. Option: Analog of 4-20 mA (It can be added to 1-3).

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