Repair and maintenance


Maintenance of other gearboxes (mixers, cooling tower fandrives)


We take advantage of our expertise as a manufacturer and perform inspection for ensuring safe operation through precise and appropriate assembly, use of our genuine parts, and performance inspection equivalent to the one performed at the time of the shipment of new product.
We propose the most appropriate inspection items and replacement parts based on basic information, such as usage conditions and the age of the service provided in advance.


  • – Functional check through overhaul
  • – Functional check of gears (Liquid penetrant inspection)
  • – Implementation of cleaning, washing, and replacement of mechanical parts, electrical components, sealing materials and lubricant.
  • – Implementation of functional test

Major gear devices

Mixer drive

– NT series
– NSG series
– GSE series
– PTE series

Reduction gears such as cooling type

– FS series
– GC series
– GD series

High speed drive

– HS series

Please contact us if you have a request for maintenance of our gear products other than the above models.