Environmental policy

Basic philosophy

Based on the spirit of respecting the global environment and human dignity, we will strive to preserve and improve the environment where people can live securely through all of our corporate activities related to the production of gears and gear devices to which such gears are applied.

Basic policy

  1. We will adhere to the legal regulations, customer demands, and other requirements and be considerate of the effects of our production activities on the environment as we continuously strive to prevent pollution and preserve the environmental.
  2. Based on the idea that the basic point of environmental preservation lies in reducing the generation of polluting substances, we will strive to conserve energy and reduce waste by reducing the substances subject to restrictions, saving energy and resources, and establishing objectives and goals that are reviewed periodically.
  3. We will raise the awareness of every single employee regarding environmental preservation and will reinforce self-management within each workplace.
  4. We will act with awareness as a member of the local community and will work to live together with society.
  5. We will disseminate and open the environmental policy to all employees.