Repair and maintenance


MOVDAS device for diagnosing motor-operated valves in operation


This is a motor-operated valve diagnostic device combining state-of-the-art sensor technology (built-in torque sensor) and computer technology.

Status monitoring system

MOVDAS can determine the statuses of degradation and any malfunction of the drive section and valves, as well as manage the tendency of motor-operated valves in a comprehensive manner, by analyzing the temporal variation in torque waveforms and variations in torque.

Diagnostic items

  • Drive unit
    1. Predetermined required drive torque (calculated from the actual torque)
    2. Looseness of locknut
    3. Deterioration of transmission mechanism
    4. Abrasion of stem nut
  • Valve
    5. Backseat force
    6. Bending of valve shaft
    7. Breakage of valve shaft
    8. Abrasion of valve suspender
    9. Getting caught in valve body
    10. Valve body closing force
  • Gland packing
    11. Tightening force
  • Protective equipment
    12. Limit switch setting
    13. Torque switch setting
    14. Brake condition
  • Basic parameters
    15. Performance margin of design standard
    16. open/close time
    17. Valve stroke