Screw Jack

Usage Examples


Nippon Gear’s jacks are actively used in various environments, including liquid crystal, semi-conductor, steel, construction machinery, and machine tool industries. Recently, players in other industries, which traditionally used hydraulic jacks, have become aware of the features and benefits of mechanical/electric jacks, and increasingly adopted Nippon Gear’s jack series.
The following are some examples of application.

Pipe Molding Machine

Used for the 18-inch pipe mill line. To mold pipes from sheet steel, many screw jacks manufactured by Nippon Gear are adopted for main parts (the upper, lower, right and left parts) of the molding machine. (screw jack for 200 to 300 kN)

For the upper and lower parts of the machine, 4 jacks/1motor are used; and for the left and right parts, 2 jacks/1 motor are used, ensuring machine synchronization by using connecting shafts and gear boxes. For each jack, the jack is fixed, and the shaft end is supported (flange). By adjusting the positions of the screw shafts, pipe molding is carried out.

(The jacks are used in places where the screw shaft covers are sticking out in the photo.)

Conveyer systems

Used for the conveyor for gravel transportation for landfill (ship loader). While large amounts of gravel are carried by the shuttle conveyer from mountains to a gravel barge (ship), 8 units of Nippon Gear’s screw jacks are adopted for discharging the gravel on the ship. Each jack is synchronized and adjusted through control of each geared motor, instead of connecting shafts.

While the jacks are supported (trunnion base), and the shaft ends are supported (clevis), the jacks incline the conveyor to discharge the gravel.

Solar panels

Our jacks with trunnion base are used for tilting solar panels.
By adjusting the angle of the panels to the position of the sun, the panels have a higher power efficiency compared to fixed panels. The jacks are contributing to new energy and ecology.

Machining Equipments

Our geared motor ball screw jack is used to lift/lower the entire tool rest of the 3D lathe machine. For the effective use of the limited space for the up-and-down motion, the traveling nut type is adopted. The jack further expands the abilities of the machine tool.

Aircraft maintenance

Our screw jacks are used to assemble and maintain aircrafts.
Since the screw jacks have the self-locking function, there is no unexpected fall of the jacks. The jack serves as a reliable tool in assembling and maintaining aircrafts, thus supporting the air safety.


Our screw jacks are adopted to minimize the bend of turntables at the time of pressing and molding. The jacks consisting of a screw and gear can be quantitatively operated, acquiring high position reproducibility under the control of the servo motor. The jacks mounted under the turntables support the product quality.