Introduction of the latest 5-axis control machines DMC125FD and NTX3000.

We have introduced the latest 5-axis machining centers, DMC125FD and NTX3000, to our Fujisawa factory in the greater Tokyo area. DMC125FD and NTX3000 adopt advanced 5-axis control technology, enabling the processing of complex and precise parts. With the combination of these machines and our well-proven experience and technologies over 80 years, we are now able to process large gears used in our main products such as industrial machinery plants, railway vehicles, construction machinery, and marine equipment (thrusters, etc.) at higher speeds and with higher precision. We will continue to enhance technological innovation to aim for the top gear manufacturer in Japan.
We respond to micron processing required for all gears such as bevel gears and helical gears. We accept orders from one piece, so please feel free to contact us. Below is our contact information:


Name: Daisuke Imai (Mr.) / Reina Uno (Ms.)
Alternatively, please reach out to us through the Contact page.

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