Flawless operation of HB-Type manual valves at the Hekinan Thermal Power Plant (Ammonia Co-Firing)

We have accumulated rich experience and specialized knowledge over 85 years, with a focus on gear manufacturing technology. Leveraging these valuable assets, we actively contribute to environmental conservation.

In recent years, global demand for sustainable energy sources has been increasing. As part of our commitment to de-carbonization, we are enhancing our efforts. Our technology indirectly contributes to ammonia combustion power generation, which is globally gaining attention as an alternative energy source.

Our HB-type manual valves have been adopted for the ammonia supply line at the JERA Hekinan Thermal Power Plant, where a demonstration test (20% ammonia co-firing) is underway in collaboration with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), IHI Corporation, and JERA Inc. This adoption serves as proof of the reliability and high performance of our products in the energy industry. We take pride in the role our technology plays in environmentally conscious energy production.

Through these initiatives, we continue to contribute to reducing environmental impact and promoting renewable energy adoption. Moving forward, we will actively pursue a balance between technological innovation and social responsibility to achieve a sustainable society.

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Limitorque HB Type Manual Valve
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