Screw Jack

Clean Type


  • -A ball screw jack is used as a base and is customized for low dust generation
  • -Servo motors can be selected as the driving source

In clean environments where low dusting property is required, performing rustproof treatment of parts and selecting appropriate lubricants are necessary.
We offer clean-type jacks with low dusting property achieved by changing the grease and paint, reinforcing the seal, adopting stainless steel, and performing surface treatment.

“*This does not guarantee the clean level.
*The custom series are all custom-made. Please contact us of you are interested for further details.”


  • Surface-treated ball screw

    As the surface treatment, low-temperature black chromium finishing is applied to the ball screw and nuts to improve corrosion resistance. The color of the surface is black. It is also possible to apply the surface treatment to shaft end fittings, the main body of the jack, etc.

  • Low dust generation grease

    We offer several types of grease, including urea and fluorine series, suitable for your usage environment.

  • Unified paint application

    The color of the jack’s main body is black, which is similar to the color of the surface-treated ball screw. That creates a sense of unity, making nothing stand out when the jack is assembled.
    (You can also specify the color of paint)

  • Choice of driving source

    Various types of the servo motor with brakes can be mounted according to your purpose of use.