Screw Jack

High-lead Screw Jack


This type of jack is compact and lightweight, yet delivers high performance similar to standard screw jacks; it is easy to use, while realizing high efficiency and high speed.


  • – Capacity: 2kN/5kN
  • – The adoption of a 4-start screw (quadruple-thread) and high-lead model enables high-speed operation.
  • – The speed is 2-5 times faster than that of conventional screw jacks (H) at the same input rotation speed.
  • – The housing is compact and space-efficient; and its shape and mounting holes are designed to allow either its upper or lower surface to be attached to your device.
  • – Wide-ranging options are available, including dustproof bellows to protect the lifting screw, limit switch for control, and RC encoder.
  • – This type of jack does not have a self-locking function, so it is required to install a brake.


Series/Size Code RMY RSY J0Y
Capacity 2kN 5kN 10kN
Lifting screw diameter 16mm 20mm 25mm
Lifting screw lead 12mm 16mm 20mm
Worm gear ratio 3 5 5
Efficiency 0.45 0.44 0.44
Maximum allowable power per jack 0.32kW 0.63kW 0.75kW
Input shaft torque at no load (b) 0.07N・m 0.15N・m 0.3N・m
Torque coefficient (a) 1.43 1.17 1.46
Required input torque at maximum load 2.9N・m 6.0N・m 14.9N・m
Standard Capacity 0.6N・m 1.2N・m 3.0N・m
Speed coefficient (c)
(screw lead per rotation of input shaft)
4mm 3.2mm 4mm
Maximum allowable input rotation speed 2000min-1 2000min-1 1800min-1
Maximum input rotation speed at maximum load 1020min-1 990min-1 475min-1
Anti-rotation key torque at maximum load 2.3N・m 7.1N・m 17.6N・m
Input shaft allowable overhang load 117.6N 294N 294N
Amount of filled grease Maintenance-Free Maintenance-Free 0.1kg
Operating temperature range -15〜80℃ -15〜80℃ -15〜80℃

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