Screw Jack

Rack Jack


This type is capable of two-way conversion: it can directly convert rotary motion into linear motion, or linear motion into rotary motion.


  • – Capacity: 2kN/4kN
  • – It allows high-speed linear motion, even when the input shaft is rotating at low speed.
  • – The jack delivers excellent mechanical efficiency with less power loss.
  • – This type has two mounting surfaces: one is in parallel with the rack’s motion, and another at the right angle. You can choose whichever surface is convenient for your use
  • – You can choose from 3 types of shaft end fittings, and wide-ranging options are available, including dustproof bellows to protect the rack shaft, limit switch for control, and RC encoder.
  • – The jack does not have a self-locking function, so it is required to install a brake.


Series/Size Code JMR JSR
Capacity 2kN 4kN
Rack shaft diameter / module 20mm・M2 30mm・M3
Efficiency 0.90 0.90
Maximum allowable power per jack 0.29kW 0.58kW
Maximum speed of rack shaft 8000mm/min 8000mm/min
Required input torque at maximum load 38N・m 113N・m
Rack shaft lead per rotation of input shaft 106.8mm/rotation 160.2mm/rotation
Maximum input rotation speed at maximum load 75min-1 50min-1
Input shaft allowable overhang load 130N 700N
Amount of filled grease 50g 60g
Operating temperature range -15〜80℃ -15〜80℃

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