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Geared Limit Switch


  • – Two types of geared limit switches are available: the standard ME type, and S type without a terminal block.
  • – The stop position can be set at one touch of a large button. The reproducibility error is ±10º to the input rotation angle.
  • – Due to the unique and rational structure, the geared limit switch works reliably, has superior durability, and realizes smooth rotation.
  • – Adopting the enclosed construction, the geared limit switches are compact and easy to install.


Function S type ME type
Function 2-train 2-train 4-train
Model number HRF-52S HRF-52ME HRF-522ME
Weight 0.6kg 0.8kg 1.6kg
Invertals From 1 to 9999 revolutions
Main shaft maximum allowable rotation speed 1800min-1
Count gear 5 digits (First gear 0.75 revolutions per main shaft rotation
Stop position setting Alignment type, one-touch clutch open
Electrical rating AC250V ; 3A    DC125V ; 0.4A
Ambient temperature for use -20〜+80℃
Enclosed construction Dust-proof/moisture-proof sealing
(please attach a waterproof cover in areas exposed to cover)

If there is impact vibration, or if the geared limit switch is used under small current-voltage load conditions (1~100mA, 5~30V), please contact us for inquiry.

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