Screw Jack

Ball Small Jack


Extremely compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use jacks, delivering high performance similar to standard ball screw jacks


  • – Basic capacity: 4 kN
  • – The lightest weight possible is achieved, while securing sufficient strength.
  • – The housing is compact and designed to allow either its upper or lower surface to be attached to your device.
  • – High-efficiency and high-speed operation is enabled by using rolling friction.
  • – We can also manufacture a jack with an anti-rotation mechanism that prevents its screw shaft from co-rotating.
  • – Wide-ranging options are available, including dustproof bellows to protect the screw shaft, limit switch for control, and RC encoder.
  • – The jack does not have a self-locking function. It is required to install a brake.


Series/Size Code RSB
Capacity 4kN
Lifting screw diameter 16mm
Lifting screw lead 5mm
Worm gear ratio H 5
L 24
Effciency H 0.64
L 0.36
Maximum allowable power per jack 0.63kW
Input shaft torque at no load (b) 0.15N・m
Torque coefficient (a) H 0.25
L 0.09
Required input torque at maximum load H 1.15N・m
L 0.52N・m
Required input torque at maximum load H 1N・m
L 0.15N・m
Worm rotation per 10mm of stroke H 10
L 48
Speed coefficient (c)
(screw lead per rotation of input shaft)
H 1.0mm
L 0.21mm
Maximum allowable input rotation speed 2000min-1
Anti-rotation key torque at maximum load 1.5N・m
Input shaft allowable overhang load 300N
Amount of filled grease Maintenance-Free
Operating temperature range −15〜80℃

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