Screw Jack

High Speed Jack


High speed, high frequency, and high efficiency operation increased productivity and contributes to energy saving and environmental measures. The jack can be used not only for ordinary lifting, but also for various purposes.


  • – Capacity: 5kN~50kN
  • – Lifting screw speed: Max 20m/min)
  • – Compared to the Ball Screw jack it is 5 times faster.
  • – Duty cycle: Max 70% ED
  • – Has 5 times duty cycle compared to the conventional product
  • – Input rotation speed: Max 2000~3000min-1
  • – Can be used for wide-ranging operations by utilizing a servomotor.
  • – This type of jack does not have a self-locking function, so it is required to install a brake.


Series/Size Code JSH J0H J1H J2H
Capacity 5kN 10kN 25kN 50kN
Lifting screw diameter 20mm 25mm 36mm 40mm
Lifting screw lead 20mm 25mm 36mm 40mm
Gear Ratio 3 3 3.64 4
Effciency 0.81 0.81 0.81 0.81
Maximum allowable power 1.3kW 1.6kW 2.5kW 3.3kW
Torque coefficient (a) 1.45 1.81 2.18 2.18
Inertia moment (kg·m2 0.0009 0.0025 0.0093 0.0189
Standard Capacity torque *1 7.3N・m 18N・m 55N・m 109N・m
Allowable acceleration torque *1 8.0N・m 20N・m 60N・m 120N・m
Required input torque at maximum load 6N・m 15N・m 43N・m 86N・m
Speed coefficient (c)
(screw lead per rotation of input shaft)
6.67mm 8.33mm 10mm 10mm
Maximum allowable input rotation speed 3000min-1 2400min-1 2000min-1 2000min-1
Anti-rotation key torque at maximum load 2.5N・m 6.3N・m 22.5N・m 50N・m
Input shaft allowable overhang load 120N 150N 400N 800N
Amount of filled grease 20g 25g 45g 80g
Amount of oil 0.1ℓ 0.3ℓ 0.5ℓ 1.8ℓ
Approximate weight
(at stroke of 100)
15kg 20kg 45kg 95kg
Operating temperature range -10〜50℃ -10〜50℃ -10〜50℃ -10〜50℃

*1: Calculated by deducting “input shaft torque at no load” from “required input shaft torque” (as per the formula shown in Step 2).

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