Screw Jack

Geared Motor Jack


Wide variety of models, which meet your purpose and are available to use immediately upon installation


  • – Can be used immediately after installation as it comes with a geared motor.
  • – We have selected a small, compact, and low-noise geared motor.
  • – Has a high inverter drive motor characteristic.
  • – Provides a wide range of torques as it is combined with our original inverter.
  • – 1/3 standardized against reduction gear ratio of geared motors.


Output 0.1〜3.7kw
Number of poles 4P
Number of phases Three-phase
Voltage 200/200/220V
Frequency 50/6060Hz
Gear ratio 1/3、1/5、1/10
Rating Continuous
Heat resistance class E(0.1〜0.4kW)、B(0.75〜3.7kW)
Starting method Direct start
casing construction (cooling method) Totally enclosed, fan-cooled (except three-phase 0.1 kW, which is totally enclosed, self-cooled model)
Protective construction Indoor type (corresponding to IP44)
Mounting method Flange mounting (concentric)
Mounting direction Any direction
Installation site Indoor (not exposed to corrosive gas, oil mist, flammable gas, and dust)
Ambient temperature -15 ~ 40℃ (no freezing)
Ambient humidity No more than 90%
Altitude No more than 1000 m above sea level
Vibration Normally: no more than 4.9 m/s2, Instantaneously: no more than 9.8 m/s2 (compliant with JIS C 0911
Braking method Direct current (DC) spring brake
Applicable standard JEC、JEM
Lubrication method Grease lubrication (filled with Pyronoc Universal No. 000)
Paint color Silver (corresponding to Munsell N6.0)
Accessories Shaft end key (JIS B 1301-1976)

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