Valve actuator

Introduction of electric components

Dedicated motors (Characteristics of motors for electric valve: Maximum startup torque/Low inertia)

Standard motor Size: #2 – #350 (0.2 – 35 kW) Class E/B as standard Option: Brake and insulation class (Class F/H)
Motor for nuclear power (in a containment vessel) Size: Same as standard motor Class H, radiation-proof type
DC motor Size: #2 – #200 (0.2 – 15 kW) Class B as standard Option: Brake and insulation class (Class F/H)
AC motor for hydraulic gate (Genera-purpose characteristics) Size: 0.2 – 37 kW Class E/B as standard Option: Brake, cooling fan, and insulation class (Class F/H)
Single-phase AC motor 0.2, 0.4, 0.5kW Class F, with built-in capacitor  C 100 V / 200 V)
Air motor 2R to 10R (11 to 103 Nm @ 0.5 MPa) Working air pressure .3 to 0.6 MPa
Tandem-type motor A motor made by combining standard motor and air motor (for emergency)
Hydraulic motor 0.5 to 150 Nm Rated pressure .8 to 13.7 MPa

[New product] Compact single-phase motor

This is a single-phase outdoor motor equipped with a built-in capacitor to enhance user-friendliness. Subject actuators are compact models – JMB-04M1, JMB-03M1, and SMB-000.

Standard motor

Motor for hydraulic gate (equipped with brake)

Torque switch

[Self-cleaning-type contacts]
Standard rotary type 1a, and 1b contacts/ 2b contact
Standard open type 1b contact
Snap-action rotary type 1a and 1b contacts The differential of the contact at the time of ON and OFF prevents chattering.
Microswitch type 1c contact The differential of the contact at the time of ON and OFF prevents chattering.

Standard rotary-type torque switch

Standard open-type torque switch

Snap-action rotary-type torque switch

Limit switch

[Self-cleaning-type contacts]
Two-line-type standard (Two rotors and four contacts) 2TR
Four-line-type standard (Four rotors and four contacts) 4TR
Six-line type (Six rotors and four contacts) 6TR *Feasibility of mounting shall be studied each time.
Vibration resistant type 2TR, 4TR
Easy adjustment type 2TR, 4TR

Two-line-type standard limit switch

Easy adjustment-type Limit switch

Position transmitter

Wire-wound-type potentiometer CP-5S,CP-6 General-purpose wire-wound type
Oil-impregnated wire-wound-type potentiometer OCP-6 Environmentally resistant type
Conductive-type potentiometer CPP-45B Long life time, for control
RC encoder (Multi rotational absolute) RC12,RC14 Non-contact (Digital type)
*It can be combined with G-Link field unit and G scaler.

Wire-wound type CP-6

Oil-impregnated wire-wound type OCP-6
RC encoder (Multi rotation type)

Non-contact CP-45H (Power supply: 5 V DC/ Output: 5 V DC)

Position converter

R/I converter with built-in power source VPT2 Output of 4 – 20 mA
R/I converter, externally-supplied power source RCC420 2-line type, output of 4–20 mA
Lightning protector for converter (for 4–20 mA) MDP-24-1

VPT2 type, VPTX type

RCC420 type converter

Lightning protector for converter


Dedicated positioner (Analog type) MJ70
Digital controller G scaler
– Combined with RC encoder
– Up to 15 position limit contacts (electronic limit switch)

MJ70 positioner

Multipurpose controller

Digital controller (installed on the control panel)

Plug-in connector

Standard general-purpose connector VGC type
General-purpose connector VA type
General-purpose connector ZBC type
Large-sized connector BC II type
Explosion-proof connector XPC type
Connector for nuclear power NZD type (outside a containment vessel)
Connector for nuclear power NTG type (inside a containment vessel)
Large-sized connector for nuclear power BCT type (outside a containment vessel)

VGC type

VA type

ZBC type, NZD type

BCⅡ type, BCT type

XPC type(Explosion-proof type)

NTG type

Switch station

Three-switch – three-lamp (compatible with surge-resistant LED lamp) BLS-3
[SW series] (Typical example) (13 types are available by combining different lamps and switches.)
Three-switch – two-lamp -one-selector switch SW-323
Three-switch – three-lamp SW-330



Remote control module

TWC field unit (Two-Wire-Control)
G-LINK field unit (Network communication)