Valve actuator

AE series


The AE Series Valve Actuator is a smart type electronic valve actuator that has enabled the creation of a variety of controls by digitalizing torque detection and position detection.


The AE Series Valve Actuator is a multi-turn valve actuator for electrically operating a wide variety of valves or switching devices, using a motor. The AE can be coupled directly with linear type valve and with quarter turn valve by coupling with an auxiliary reducer.


  • – Adjustments and function settings can be made from the control panel, with no need to open the cover.
  • – Incorporates a control device necessary for electrically operating the actuator, allowing you to operate the actuator from the actuator control panel merely by providing a power supply.
  • – Ensures the protection of the electric room with the terminal block in a double seal structure.
  • – The AE can be coupled with the plug-in-connector for power and control cables.
  • ・Applicable with PROFIBUS-DP, G-LINK, TWC.

Standard features

  • Reverse or open phase detection

    Detects a reverse or open phase of the power supply. For a reverse phase, it can automatically corrects the phase to result in the normal operating direction. For an open phase, displays the error on the LCD screen and disables electric operation.

  • Torque retry

    If it is unable to perform an opening operation and is constrained because the valve gets stuck, for example, automatically initiates a forward and reverse cycle to release the constraint state, so that it can operate the valve.

  • External power supply

    AE can supply 24 V/200 mA DC as an external power supply for control purposes.

  • Motor protection

    AE has a motor overload protection with a thermostat, as well as motor constraint protection with a start failure detection function.

  • 2-speed timer

    For water hammer prevention and other purposes, inching operation controls operating speed near a fully closed position.

  • Emergency shutdown (ESD)

    Performs a specified operation with an external ESD signal.

  • Self-diagnosis

    With various monitoring functions, AE displays the actuator status on the control panel and outputs signals.

  • Log file function

    Records the number of starts, operating time, the total number of turns of the stem nut, operating torque, and error history.

  • Input/output signals

    Selectable operating input signals and status output signals for each contact. Input (Di) signals: 3, output (Do) signals: 4

  • Electronic nameplate

    Nameplate information can be referenced by the control panel and the optional dedicated application.

  • Partial stroke test (PST)

    Performs an operating test for preventing problems in case of an emergency, such as emergency shutdown of the safety valve, with a slight stroke not requiring a bypass line.

Optional features

  • Proportional control (modulating)

    Operates the actuator to a specified position, with an input signal of 4 to 20 mA DC.

  • Analog position output

    Outputs a signal of 4 to 20 mA DC in proportion to the position.

  • Analog torque output

    Outputs a current signal of 4 to 20 mA DC in proportion to the output torque of the actuator.

  • Additional input/output contacts

    Provides the following numbers of additional contacts to the standard input/output signals: Input (Di) signals: 2, output (Do) signals: 4

  • External power supply

    Supplies 100 V/15 VA AC as an external power supply for control purposes.

  • Communication/PROFIBUS-DP (V1)

    Supports PROFIBUS-DP (V1) communication.
    The PROFIBUS interface module is a PROFIBUS DP redundancy board incorporated in a housing as a module, which supports PROFIBUS redundancy. During maintenance and other operations for the actuator, only the module can be separated from the actuator to continue PROFIBUS communication.

  • TWC (Two wire control system)

    Remote control of actuator can using two control lines.

  • Wireless communication/Bluetooth

    The dedicated application enables you to perform operations, make settings, and display the status by wirelessly.

“Bluetooth®” is the registered tradmark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. USA
“PROFIBUS” is the registered trademark of the PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V.


Size AE-05 AE-1 AE-3 AE-5 AE-10 AE-20
Thrust rating(kN) 44 44 88 130 200 320
Torque rating(N・m) 60 140 270 540 1500 2700
Maximum stem capacity(mm)*1 Key connection
(Key way)
Thread connection 32 32 57 66 38〜73 42〜86
Output speed(mm-1 60Hz 24〜42 12〜200 12〜204 24〜204 7〜138 8〜137
50Hz 19〜40 10〜166 10〜169 20〜169 7〜138 8〜137
Handwheel ratio Standard 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 10.76〜66.7 11.15〜57.43
Option 4.2:1 4.2:1 5.7:1 12:1
Mounting Flunge ISO F10 ISO F10 ISO F14 ISO F14 ISO F25 ISO F30
Weight(kg)*2 37 41 66 89 179 223
Use environment Use environment Weatherproof/Explosion proof JIS Exd II BT4*3
IP grade IP68(10m/72h)*4
Temperature -20〜+60℃
Humidity 30〜95%PH(In more than 75%, avoid the opening of the terminal cover.)
Vibration Legistance 0.5G(10〜200Hz)
Impact Legistance 9G(25msec)
Motor Type Three-phase induction motor
Standard Power Supply Motor 50Hz AC200V、200V/400V(±10%)
60Hz AC200V/400V,440V(±10%)
Rating 15 minute
Thermal class F

*1.AE-05~5 drive 1 is Key connection. AE-05~5 drive 2 is Thread connection.
*2.Standard type, drive 2 and the maximum motor.
*3.AE-1~5 only. (Optional)
*4.AE-10, 20 standard type is IP55. IP68 is optional.

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