Valve actuator

AC motor for hydraulic gate (General-purpose characteristics)


This motor is compliant with the technical standards for dam and floodgate facilities (draft) and technical standards for hydraulic gates and penstock and uses the 70-type motor developed for hydraulic gates. The 70-type motor has a brake, Class B insulation property, and 30-minute rating and can be constant-rated if it is equipped with a fan.
It has humidity resistance and insulation-treated winding wire, and is equipped with a totally enclosed outdoor-type terminal box.
In addition, because a single unit is compatible with motors with different capacities, the desired and sufficient motor can be selected.


Type 70-type motor (manufactured by Meidensha Corporation)
Rated output General-purpose kW
Insulation class Class B
Number of poles Tetrapolar
Starting torque 200% or more of the rated torque
Maximum torque 300% or more of the rated torque
Rated time Standard (with no fan): 30 minutes
Standard (with a fan): Constant
Protection type With no fan: IP55
With a fan equipped: IP44
Brake Braking torque is 150% or more of the rated torque
Power supply Three-phase AC
200/400V 50Hz
200/400V 60Hz
220/440V 60Hz