Valve actuator

H series


H type valve actuator is a worm gear drive for quarter-turn operation, especially designed for the large sized butterfly valve. This actuator is equipped with a helical gear attachment (HGA) to reduce input shaft torque. Single reduction gearing is for motorized operation. Double reduction gearing is for manual operation.


  • – This actuator is available for the manual operator attached with other manual operator, as well as a remotely controlled operator combined with motorized or pneumatic valve actuator.
  • – The worm is of alloy steel and the worm gear is of high tensile strength bronze; therefore the H type valve actuator is very tough. Fluttering of a valve is minimized because of the least backlash of a high precision gear.
  • – Every H type valve actuator has an adjustable and durable mechanical stop limit device, and it can be adjusted by ±5°at both ends of travel.
  • – It has 3 unit sizes classified by output torque.


Unit Size(N・m) Maximum Output Torque Unit Gear Ratio Efficiency Maximum Stem Diameter (mm)
H-25 390,000 59:1 0.35 300
H-29 540,000 63:1 0.35 360
H-35 830,000 65:1 0.35 460

※Right hand worm is our standard.

H type valve actuator is equipped with a Helical Gear Attachment.

Unit Size HGA Gear Ratio Efficiency
Single Reducation Gearing H-25 1:2.94 0.9
H-29 1:2.94 0.9
H-35 1:4.46 0.9
Double Reducation Gearing H-25 1:24.26 0.9
H-29 1:24.26 0.9
H-35 1:24.26 0.9

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