Valve actuator

JX-05M series


Pursuing usability and safety

[JX-05M] model super small valve actuator is an electric operation device developed for small-diameter glove and gate valves.
As a pioneer in valve actuators, it is an actuator designed using our long and rich experience to meet our clients’ needs.
As a result of pursuing usability and safety, the hand wheel is equipped as standard, and the mechanism of switching from manual mode to electric mode has an automatic restoration function.


  • Automatic restoration

    As a result of pursuing handling quality and safety, we adopted the declutch lever for switching to manual mode and an automatic restoration function for switching to electric mode.
    After switching to manual mode with the declutch lever and operating the hand wheel, it is not needed to return to electric mode.
    Activating the motor restores to electric mode automatically.

  • The worm gear system is used.

    A simple structure using a worm gear as the power transmission mechanism.
    Using a worm gear ensures self-locking in both the electric and manual modes.

  • The worm gear is made of high-strength bronze.

  • For weight waving, the housing is made of aluminum alloy.

  • Microswitches are used for torque and limit switches. They are safe because the live part is not exposed.

  • The intermittent gear prevents the limit switch from deviating from the setting.

Optional features

Allowable output torque(N・m) 50
Allowable output thrust(kN) 30
Maximum stem diameter(mm) 24
Maximum lift 50
Motor Power supply Single phase(Class F):
100/110V 50Hz
100/110V 60Hz
200/220V 50Hz
200/220V 60Hz
Three phase(Class E):
200/220V 50Hz
200/220V 60Hz
400/440V 50Hz
400/440V 60Hz
Output 50W
Insulation class Single-phase Class-F Three-phase Class-E
Rated time 15 minutes
Thermal protector Built-in motor 120°C ± 5°C
Ambient temperature -10°C to +65°C
Geared limit switch 4 pcs each for opening and closing(2a2b)
Torque switch 1 pc each for opening and closing(1c)
Overall reduction ratio 300
Hand wheel gear ratio 40
Output rotation frequency(mm-1 50Hz 4.5
60Hz 5.5
Microswitch contact capacity AC250V 4A/DC125V 0.4A(Induction load)
Service entrance G1 x 2
Protection structure JPW55/IP55
Mass(kg) 15

A capacitor is provided in the case of a single-phase model.

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