Valve actuator

Environmentally-resistant specification

Waterproof-type actuators (Flood resistant type)

  1. 1. Applied unit: SMB and JMB
  2. 2. Water resistance: Within 10 m underwater for 72 hours
  3. 3. Precautions
    It is important to connect the electric wire to the waterproof actuator without fail.
    If the electric wire is not connected completely, water could get in through the wire port at the time of flood and reduce the insulation performance of electric parts inside.
    It is not necessary to overhaul the actuator after each flood, which occurs only a few times a year, but it is recommended to perform an overhaul once a year.
    For seawater, it is necessary to take precautions against salt water separately.

Sulfidation resistant-type actuators (for geothermal power plants)

  1. 1. Sulfidation resistant-type actuators are mainly applied as actuators for geothermal power generation.
  2. 2. Because the treatment required for sulfidation resistant-type actuators varies depending on the usage environment on-site, please advise us of the usage environment in advance.
  3. 3. If the sulfurizing gas atmosphere is thin or if nitrogen gas is injected into the electric room during installation on-site or in an inspection, the treatment of the actuator will be reduced.

Heat resistant-type actuators

  1. 1. This type of actuator can perform electric operation within the specified period of time even if it is surrounded by fire.
  2. 2. Applied unit: SMB
  3. 3. Fire-resistance performance (as a result of fire simulation test)
    – Flame temperature 1,200°C to 1,400°C
    – Operable for 15 minutes after ignition

Cold resistant types

We offer the following two grades of cold resistant types according to the usage environment temperature:

Cold resistant type I: Higher than – 20°C – up to – 40°C
Cold resistant type II: Higher than – 40°C – up to – 60°C