Valve actuator

Hard wire type remote control system


This product is a system that connects and controls the field actuator and central unit with two lines. (1:1 remote control)
With a history of 30 years and through continuous improvement, this product is used in international and domestic plants, including the tough conditions of the Middle East.
Without using any CPUs, this product can be remotely controlled fully by hardware. Using only two lines the open/close can be controlled from the control center, while the open/close status of the actuator can be relayed back to the control center.


  • – Actuators can be controlled using two operating lines only.
    If there are two or more actuators, one out of two lines can be shared. Therefore, they can be operated by using one more line than the number of actuators mounted.
    For example, if 10 actuators are mounted, 11 operating lines consisting of 10 signal lines and 1 common line are required. Therefore, it is very economical.
  • – This product can be operated remotely from a distance of 5.5 km in the case of 2.0 mm2 and from a distance of 3.8 km in the case of 1.25 mm2.
    Note: Round-trip resistance of the electric wire is 0-100 Ω
  • – As a reversible electromagnetic switch, operating power transformer, and other components are built into the actuators, the wiring operation required on site is just to connect the two operating lines and the three-phase power supply, making onsite wiring easy.
  • – This product is protected so that it does not malfunction even if excessive induction voltage and lightning surges are applied between the lines.